Strategic Planning

2019-2022 MPCC Strategic Plan

Work on MPCC’s current strategic plan began with the Cabinet leadership team developing the vision for the College, “To be first choice for our region for education, for partnerships, for employers, and for employees.” This vision was developed during the summer of 2018, building upon our mission of transforming lives through exceptional learning opportunities for individual student success.

In the fall of 2018 we held face-to-face input sessions held in McCook and North Platte, as well as the four-campus regions served by Broken Bow, Imperial, Ogallala, and Valentine. Included in these discussions were representatives of local educational agencies, business, industry, economic development, civic organizations, and governmental entities. Current students and employees representing main and branch campuses also participated in focus groups to discuss topics that were most important and promised to have an impact on the effectiveness of the College. Accreditation agency peer review feedback, as well as regularly scheduled stakeholder survey results such as the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE), Personal Assessment of the College Environment (PACE), and the Entering Student Survey, were also consulted.

Strategic Objectives

For Education

  1. Enhance recruitment methods
  2. Expand our programming, including re-packaging course offerings
  3. Improve marketing and messaging

For Partnerships

  1. Strengthen partnerships with high schools
  2. Engage businesses in partnerships

For Employers

  1. Develop a career placement system to serve students and employers
  2. Deliver on the training and educational needs of businesses

For Employees

  1. Provide strategic, timely communication related to College processes
  2. Embrace the cultural tenets
  3. Improve collaboration between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs

Work Plan

Beginning in August 2019, faculty and staff were asked to indicate their interest in helping guide the work to be done in the ten strategic objectives. Brainstorming sessions are then held for a subset of the objectives each fall, beginning fall 2019, to identify specific work goals and leaders of work groups. The leaders of the work group stay connected with a Cabinet member and the Planning & Improvement Core Team as they make progress toward achieving their goal.

All non-instructional areas are asked to identify alignment of their team or department goals with the strategic objectives of the College. Accomplishments related to the functional area goals are tracked within assessment reports delivered annually to the College Cabinet with an opportunity for discussion and feedback.