International Students

Our college consists of three campuses located in the heart of rural Nebraska. We offer quality education in a quiet setting with access to the amenities of a large city. As an International Student at our McCook and North Platte campuses you have access:

  • Advisors and other campus resources to meet your specific needs
  • An orientation designed for international students
  • On-campus housing (in North Platte apartment style housing; in McCook traditional dormitory style housing)
  • Dining services offers a wide variety of food options

International Students


Your application is due at least 6 months prior to the date you expect to attend. This allows us to prepare your I-20 Form 5 weeks prior to the start of the term.

For Fall (August) admittance: Applications due March 15.

For Spring (January) admittance: Applications due July 1.

Steps to become an MPCC Student:

  1. Submit TOEFL scores.
  2. Submit written evidence of ability to pay attendance with us for one calendar year of study; include travel expenses, any scholarship funds or other financial support. If your education is being sponsored, please provide an affidavit of that financial support.
  3. Pay deposit with admission application. This deposit covers tuition, fees, room/board and books for one academic semester. If you are denied a visa or decide not attend MPCC $100.00 is withheld for processing charges, the remaining amount will be refunded to you.
  4. Provide documentation of Insurance to cover medical care and costs while in the US.
  5. Acquire a US student visa.
  6. Arrange transportation to Nebraska.
  7. Arrange for a power of attorney – or similar arrangement – for your personal and/or financial accounts during your time away from you home country.
  8. Pack clothing, toiletries, and other personal items.
  9. Upon arrival in Nebraska meet with an international advisor.
  10. Take ACCUPLACER exam.
  11. Register/Enroll in courses.

International Student Advisors


Brandon Pritchett
Assistant Director Advising

North Platte:      

Susan Horne
Director of Advising

Or Email: