Tuition Payment Options

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Payment Policy

Arrangements for payment of tuition/fees, room/board, and other charges are expected at the start of each semester.

Student accounts will generate and mail statements once per month. Students who have been approved for financial aid by the Financial Aid Office may see estimated aid on their statements. If the estimated aid posted is sufficient to cover your balance in full, no action is required. If not, the balance is due and payable when class begins. Finance charges will be assessed at 12% per annum on unpaid balances remaining after 30 days. Failure to receive a statement does not exempt you from making the required payment by the deadline. All billing information can be accessed online via the students CampusWeb account.

Unpaid student account balances that remain after courses end will be at risk of being turned over to a collection agency.

Payment Options

The Board of Governors annually reviews and sets tuition and fee rates, which are subject to change. Non-payment of college charges can affect your enrollment status. You may pay your bill by the following methods:

Pay by Mail

  • You may mail checks or money orders payable to MPCC to any of our main campuses
  • Please include your student ID number so we can post the payment to your account
  • Insufficient fund checks will go directly to CheckMate and the student will be assessed a $33.00 fee plus the amount of the check.

Pay by Phone

  • You may use credit or debit cards over the phone by calling Student Accounts at 308-535-3672.

Pay in Person

  • You may pay in person with cash, check, money order or accepted credit and debit cards

Employer-Paid Tuition

  • It is the student’s responsibility to obtain our third-party authorization form or bring a letter of intent at the time you register for courses.
  • The form must state your name, social security number or student ID number, amount to be paid, billing address, and original signature of person(s) authorizing payment.
  • The bookstore is an independent entity from the college and payments must be made directly to them by a separate purchase order, tuition assistance form, or letter of intent addressed to the Campus Bookstore.
  • In the event the employer refuses to pay after the receipt of the bill, the student becomes immediately responsible for all charges.
  • If there are any questions regarding this procedure, please contact Student Accounts.

Third Party Billing Form


Any student receiving any type of outside scholarship will need to provide proof to the College that they are receiving additional funding. Please fill out the Outside Scholarship form which will help provide student accounts and the financial aid office information necessary for this award.

Other Charges

Students should expect costs for books, tools, supplies, uniforms, travel and other items. Costs will vary depending on the requirements of each program and the needs of the individual.


All financial obligations to the College must be paid before a student may register for any new courses and before transcripts, grades and diplomas will be released. Financial obligations include (but are not limited to) tuition, fees, room and board, housing violations, library fines and other charges. Unpaid accounts will be at risk of being turned over to a collection agency.

Tuition and Fees Refund

Any student dropping a course before it starts will receive 100% reversal of tuition and fees. Students must formally withdraw from any course they do not intend to complete.

After a class begins, students who discontinue their course of study may receive a prorated refund of tuition and fees. The amount of time the student attends, as a percentage of the total course length, will be the method of computation.

The drop/withdrawal date will be the date the student formally withdraws from a course. Course drop/withdrawal deadlines are posted on the homepage of CampusWeb. An official written request is required. Failure of the student to attend a course does not dismiss a student’s responsibility to pay an unpaid balance owed to the college on courses not officially dropped.

Official Registration/Registration Change forms are available at campus Welcome Centers or online at

Calculating Refunds

All days are included in the computation including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

A student is entitled to a refund computed on the following formula and tables:

(Drop/Withdraw Date) – (Course Start Date) = % Elapsed Time
(Course End date) – (Course Start Date)

  Percent of Days Elapsed Refund
Drops: 12.5% (census date) 100% (tuition & fees)
Withdrawals: 25% 60% (tuition only)
  Over 25% No Refund

One and two-day classes are excluded from refunds after the beginning session.

In order to receive a refund, a student must first have contacted their advisor to complete the drop/withdraw process. Refund checks are issued by mail. If the student has an unpaid balance owed to the college the refund will be reduced by the amount of the unpaid balance. Students who have credit balances will receive a refund within 30 days.

If you are receiving a financial aid refund check, you will receive it within 14 calendar days from the date it posts to your student account. First-time borrowers have to wait 30 days from the first day of class before their loans can be disbursed.

FERPA Guidelines

A student has the right to release non-directory information about their educational records to specific individuals, businesses or organizations. Records pertaining to enrollment information, class attendance, student billing, account holds, financial aid, athletic, or residence hall experiences, as examples, can be designated to others and revoked at the student’s discretion. Forms for Permission to Release Non-Directory Information can be obtained in any campus Welcome Center, at the college website or found on the Students section of CampusWeb.


Students initiate this process by submitting a written request for an exception to an add, drop, or withdrawal deadline or to a college financial policy as outlined in Student Accounts or Residence Life documents and handbooks.

  • The request is submitted via electronic form.

  • The request should include Student’s name and contact information, what the student would like to have happened and why. Also, documentation that provides evidence that unusual circumstances prevented the student from taking action within standard deadlines.