Students from 14 area high schools at MCC for annual Inter-High Day scholastic contest

Whitney Page of Eustis-Farnam High School
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Whitney Page of Eustis-Farnam High School was one of more than 300 students from 14 area high schools at McCook Community College Wednesday.

They were taking part in the annual Inter-High Day scholastic competition. Page is shown here examining bullet holes in a window as part of the crime scene investigation section of the criminal justice competition.

In addition to taking tests in 28 academic subjects, students also had the chance to learn about financial aid, early entry and dual credits, four-year partnerships, admissions and career services.

Several MCC departments also provided some hands-on learning opportunities, and MCC groups and students helped with the testing and hosting fun events in the Peter and Dolores Graff Events Center between sessions.

Perkins County finished first among large schools, Hitchcock County topped the field in mid-sized schools and Eustis-Farnam placed first among small schools.

Here are the team results:

DIVISION 1 (small schools): 1. Eustis-Farnam, 2. Medicine Valley, 3. Hayes Center

DIVISION 2 (mid-sized schools): 1. Hitchcock County, 2. Southewest, 3. Maxwell

DIVISION 3 (large schools): 1. Perkins County, 2. Southern Valley, 3. Arapahoe

Here are the individual results:

Accounting Principles: 1. Jacob Holzfaster, Paxton; 2. Kaitlin Meyer, Perkins County; 3. Connor Ball, McCook.

Advance Math: 1. Trent Kisker, Hitchcock County; 2. Joseph Brown, Medicine Valley; 3. Titus Goshert, Arapahoe.

Algebra I: 1. Myles Bishop, Perkins County; 2. Conner Latta, Hitchcock County; 3. Colt Gosnell, Maxwell.

Algebra II: 1. Trevor Carlson, Hayes Center; 2. Conner Tyerman, Perkins County; 3. Stella Heapy, Medicine Valley.

Biology: 1. Kaleb Einspahr, Medicine Valley; 2. Kevin Bantam, Medicine Valley; 3. Jenna Miller, Maxwell.

Business Communication: 1. Jazmin Montey, Eustis-Farnam; 2. Conner Tyerman, Perkins County; 3. Mason McGreer, Perkins County.

Business Microsoft Office: 1. Christian Maurer, Eustis-Farnam; 2. Bailey Hanes, Maywood; 3. Myles Bishop, Perkins County.

Chemistry: 1. Titus Goshert, Arapahoe; 2. Gavin Smith, Perkins County; 3. Hallee Sheffield, Medicine Valley.

Criminal Justice: 1. Elijah Busick, Perkins County; 2. Liberty Pianalto, Hayes Center; 3. Kaden Weaver, Medicine Valley.

Early Childhood: 1. Jocelyn Bailey and Skylar Ellison, Callaway; 2. Khloe Elsten and Giavanna Doyle, Medicine Valley; 3. Sarah Brott, Paxton.

English Composition: 1. Kyler Cox, Hayes Center; 2. Delaney Critchfield, Southwest; 3. Dayami Ruiz, Perkins County.

English Literature: 1. Robi Winder, McCook; 2. Kiara Lenihan, Hitchcock County; 3. Ana Cerenil, Southwest.

Geometry: 1. Isaac Hamilton, Southern Valley; 2. Ryder Potts, Perkins County; 3. Kevin Bantam, Medicine Valley.

Graphic Design: 1. Quincy Pierce, Maxwell; 2. Asher Long, McCook; 3. Ashton Wheeler, Wauneta- Palisade.

Health Occupations: 1. Meredith Gloy, Perkins County; 2. Kelsey  Shotkoski, Eustis-Farnam; 3. Ansley Williams, Eustis-Farnam.

Information Technology: 1. Caleb Walters, Eustis-Farnam; 2. Elliot Adams, Southern Valley; 3. Henry Taylor, Perkins County.

Leadership Boot Camp: 1. Brock Tines, Perkins County; 2. Delaney Critchfield, Southwest; 3. Katlynn Parker, Eustis-Farnam.

Marketing: 1. Nathan McPhilloray, Sam Bantam, Kamden Bose (Southern Valley); 2. Blake Garner, Selah Richter, Henry Taylor (Perkins County); 3. Cooper Wendland, Gentry Warner, Emerson Swanson (Arapahoe.)

MCC Facts: 1. Kyler Cox, Hayes Center; 2. Avery Broomfield, Southwest; 3. Mackayla Wallin, Perkins County.

Monologue Workshop and Theater Competition: 1. John Fricke, Paxton; 2. Peter Boyd, Hitchcock County; 3. Liselle Lucas, Maxwell.

Music Composition - Instrumental: 1. Bailey Hidy, Hayes Center; 2. Austin Thompson, Southwest; 3. Wayne Lee, Arapahoe.                

Music Composition - Vocal: 1. Daelyn Mues, Hitchcock County; 2. Adriyana Kirkpatrick, Hitchcock County; 3. Timberly Solko, Hitchcock County.                  

Music Theory: 1. Isaac Hamilton, Southern Valley; 2. Kristin Holcomb, Arapahoe; 3. Miles Rogge, Paxton.

Personal Finance: 1. Chenney Dishman, Callaway; 2. Haydn Farr and Alexis Wood, Maywood; 3. Chris Hermes and Trenton Roskop, Arapahoe.

Physics: 1. Carson Grossnicklaus, Kolby Hunt, Southern Valley; 2. Ansley Williams, Broden Dean, Eustis-Farnam, and Louie Doyle, Medicine Valley; 3. Dayami Ruiz, Clara Scheunert, Perkins County.

Sociology: 1. Caleb Walters, Eustis-Farnam; 2. Dawson Mason, Callaway; 3. Christian Maurer, Eustis-Farnam.

STEM/Engineering: 1. Celeste Zuniga, Eustis-Farnam; 2. Cooper Kroeker, Perkins County; 3. Casey Jones, Maxwell.