Area students win big at NPCC Inter-High Day

inter-high 2024
Thursday, February 22, 2024

North Platte Community College’s 55th annual Inter-High Day lured in 470 students from 21 area high schools Thursday.

They competed for scholarships and other prizes while taking tests in everything from art, accounting and criminal justice to auto body, welding and diesel technology. The scholastic contest was spread across both of NPCC’s campuses.

Schools earned points based on how well their students placed in the academic divisions. The top three point earning schools received a plaque and a $500 scholarship to award to a student of their choice.

Individual first place winners received a gold star pin, a $500 scholarship and three credit hours of summer tuition to the college. Second and third place recipients earned silver and bronze star pins, respectively, as well as three credit hours of summer tuition.

The top three winners in each of the applied technology competitions also received industry-based prizes related to their particular test areas.

Results were as follows:

Division Results:

Top Schools Division I 

First – Hershey

Second – Perkins County

Third – St. Pat’s

Top Schools Division II 

First - Dundy County Stratton

Second – Stapleton

Third - Hitchcock County

Top School Division III 

First – Maywood

Second – Arnold

Third - Thedford

Academic categories:


First – Bryce Bode, Hershey

Second – Leyton Connell, McPherson County

Third – Logan Fletcher, Hershey 


First – Brady Dempcy, Maywood

Second – Chloe Bostwick, North Platte

Third – Anjel Ramos, North Platte 

Biological Science 

First – Rhshykee Bruns, Stapleton

Second – Dylan Pandorf, Callaway

Third – Chenney Dishman, Callaway 

Business Communications    

First – Katie Abbott, Hershey

Second – Maggie Haesler, Mullen

Third – Rowan Fletcher, Maywood 


First – Trevor Carlson, Hitchcock County

Second – Nathan Kollmorgen, Hitchcock County

Third – Kyle Kramer, Stapleton

Criminal Justice 

First – Emma Klahn, Perkins County

Second - Alexandra Thompson, North Platte

Third – Saije Phelps, McPherson County

Dramatic Arts/Theater (11th-12th grades) 

First – Lisselle Lucas, Maxwell

Second – Danah Baldwin, Arnold

Third – Cadence Brown, Sutherland 

Dramatic Arts/Theater (9th-10th grades) 

First – Emma Baldeh, Dundy County Stratton

Second – Emmeline Lucas, Maxwell

Third – Ava Segar, Perkins County 

Health Occupations 

First – Klayton Rinne, Dundy County Stratton

Second – Sarah Brott, Paxton

Third – Brooke Bryant, Wallace

Information Technology 

First – Aden Schaffert, Southwest

Second – Laken Wissink, Dundy County Stratton

Third – Aidan Bryant, Thedford 

Introduction to Business 

First – Rio Remund, Arnold

Second – Dawson Mason, Callaway

Third – Landon Kennicutt, Hershey 


First – Jarrett Miles, St. Pat’s

Second – James Heirigs, St. Pat’s

Third – Ryleigh Hanson, Wallace 

Medical Terminology 

First – Cameron Berliner, Stapleton

Second – Brady Dahlberg, Thedford

Third – Klayton Rinne, Dundy County Stratton 


First – Austin Thompson, Southwest

Second – Dylan Kollmorgen, Hitchcock County

Third – Uotong Haidle, Callaway


First – Derek Ebmeier, St. Pat’s

Second – Leslie Gomez, Dundy County Stratton

Third – Daelyn Mues, Hitchcock County 

Music Theory and Ear Training 

First – Will Krondak, St. Pat’s

Second – Uotong Haidle, Callaway

Third – Jarrett Miles, St. Pat’s

NPCC Facts 

First – Cora Meyer, Maywood

Second – Austin Miller, Maxwell

Third – Karlee Denny, Hershey 

Personal Finance 

First – Rio Remund, Arnold

Second – Bryce Bode, Hershey

Third – Logan Fletcher, Hershey 

Poetry Writing 

First – Aubrie Martino-Zogg, Hershey

Second – Emma Baldeh, Dundy County Stratton

Third – Kennedy Bailey, Dundy County Stratton 

Prose Writing 

First - Rachel Leetch, Arnold

Second – Aragorn Green, Perkins County

Third – Lena Reeves, Sutherland 


First – MaKenna Nelson, St. Pat’s

Second – Marlee Gleason, Sutherland

Third – Lola Rowse, Thedford 


First – Rebecca Keneipp, North Platte

Second – Kelsey Amos, Stapleton

Third – Dylan Freed, Dundy County Stratton                                               

Applied Technology:

Auto Body 

First – Tyler Cappa, Maywood

Second – Charlie Koch, Hershey

Third – Benjamin McClain, Perkins County 


First – Benjamin McClain, Perkins County

Second – Wade Hodges, Hitchcock County

Third – Matthew Woodward, Sutherland

Building Construction Team 

First - Eustis-Farnam

Second – Stapleton

Third – Maywood 

Diesel Mechanics 

First – Ryan Werkmeister, Maywood

Second – Charlie Koch, Hershey

Third – Wyatt Quinn, Perkins County


First – Conner Tyerman, Perkins County

Second – Alec Reese, Perkins County

Third – Dylan Kreiling, Hershey 

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning 

First – Eric Gonzalez, Perkins County

Second – Sawyer Dibbern, Maywood

Third – Peyton George, North Platte

Welding Division I 

First – Coby Higgins, Thedford

Second – Layton Moss, North Platte

Third – Anthony Anway, North Platte

Welding Division II 

First – Noah Kammer, Sutherland

Second – Luis Escobar-Salas, Southwest

Third – Colby Hubert, Stapleton