Your college academic advisor is here to assist you along the path toward your educational goals. Before enrolling each term, it is wise to meet with an advisor to stay on track with your program plan. Advisors can also help answer questions and refer you to campus resources beneficial to your Mid-Plains Community College experience. A few of those resources are highlighted here:

Academic Calendar – important deadlines for registration, adding/dropping classes

College Catalog – academic policies and course descriptions

Cost and Aid – information about Financial Aid

Career Services – information on finding the right career path, job search strategies

Learning Commons – library, tutoring and academic coaching resources

Transferring – information on transferring to a four-year college

To make an appointment with an advisor call:

North Platte campus – 308-535-3701 or 308-535-3600

McCook campus – 308-345-8100

Or email:

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • New students must register through an advisor
  • Returning students may register via MyCampusWeb. Use the Search Courses feature to find and select course, then click the Add Course button.   
  • Returning students are encouraged to meet with an advisor each term to stay on track with their degree plan and educational goals.

  • At MPCC, you may repeat courses for a higher grade.
  • Only the credit hours and the highest grade earned in any course are used to calculate your GPA, (remember “W” does not factor into your GPA).
  • Grades in courses taken at other institutions will not replace grades in equivalent courses taken at MPCC. You must repeat the same course.
  • Classes re-taken in which a grade of A, B or C was previously earned will not count towards eligibility for federal financial aid funding or current full-time enrollment for MPCC Scholarships.

  • If classes have not begun, you can drop your class by logging onto MyCampusWeb or you can contact an advisor (by phone, email or in person) to assist you
  • If classes have begun, please see the drop/add date deadlines listed in MyCampusWeb. If you still wish to drop, contact an advisor to help you add, drop, or withdraw from a class.

  • A course withdrawal is any drop past the Drop Deadline.
  • Withdrawals are noted on your official transcript with a “W” instead of a grade. This does not negatively impact your college GPA.

We hate to see students leave before reaching their educational goals, however we understand that life happens and sometimes taking a break from college is necessary. If you must withdraw, contact your advisor to discuss your withdrawal. Remember that your financial obligation to the college must be paid before the formal withdrawal procedure can be completed. Upon withdrawal the student forfeits all privileges as a student of the college. If a student fails to formally withdraw from all courses, he/she may receive an “F” for each class.

Credit by examination may be awarded for MPCC courses through the following methods:

  1. The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP®) gives you the opportunity to receive college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on the CLEP® exams. MPCC provides “open” testing to students attending any post-secondary institution. It is the student’s responsibility to verify the CLEP exams and scores accepted. CLEP® examinations for MPCC students are recorded as transfer credit on the MPCC transcript. Contact the Career Services Center on the North Platte Community College North Campus at 308-535-3618 for additional information on application forms, cost, available tests, passing scores, and test scheduling. CLEP® testing is also available at McCook Community College, 308-345-8128.

  2. Proficiency examinations are designed and administered by an instructional division of the college covering course work offered by that division. See the current college catalog for more information on credit by exam.

A credit hour is a unit of measurement used to ascertain the educational value of course work offered by the institution to students enrolling in such course work, earned by such students upon successful completion of such course work and for which tuition is charged. Credit/contact time ratio guidelines for semester (or quarter equivalents) are outlined in Nebraska state statute 85-1503.

Semester Quarter  
1:15 1:10 Classroom Hour
1:30 1:20 Academic Transfer, General Education & Academic Support Lab Hour
1:45 1:30 Vocational Laboratory & Clinical Hour
1:45 1:30 Practicum Hour
1:60 1:40 Cooperative Work Experience Independent (directed) Study -
Credits will be assigned according to the practices of assigning credits to similar courses.


In addition, the Federal Credit Hour Definition includes a minimum of two hours of out-of-class student work each week per semester or quarter hour of credit. 34CFR 600.2 (11/1/2010)

  1. Assign your semester grades numerical values:

    A=4   B=3   C=2   D=1   F=0

    If you earn an A in ENGL 1010 and C in BIOL 1090, ENGL 1010 gets 4 points and BIOL 1090 gets 2 points.

  2. Multiply that number times the number of credit hours assigned to the course. Do this for all your courses.

    ENGL 1010: 4 X 3 hours = 12 grade points
    BIOL 1090: 2 X 4 hours = 8 grade points

  3. Add your totals together.

    12 (ENGL 1010) + 8 (BIOL 1090) = 20 grade points

  4. Now divide that number by your semester credit hours. The result is your GPA for those courses.

    ENGL 1010 is 3 hours and BIOL 1090 is 4 hours so 20 grade points divided by 7 credit hours equals a 2.85 GPA for the semester if those are your two classes.

  • When you register for your last term of classes, visit with an advisor about program completion
  • Look in MyCampusWeb, select Student then Steps to Graduate
  • Complete these steps and pay attention to the posted deadlines.