Sunday College at MPCC

What is Sunday College?

Sunday College is an opportunity to take a general ed class one day a week toward your Associate’s Degree.

You will attend class on Sundays. These courses are uniquely formatted to allow you to complete assignments online during the week, but still give you a class atmosphere once a week. There are live instructors teaching this program in our area, but it is also offered as a distance learning program so you can complete this from a wide variety of locations in west-central Nebraska.


How do I get started?

  1. Contact Heather Pucket and specifically mention you are interested in Sunday College - (308) 535-3710 or
  2. Apply for admission
  3. After January 1st, complete the FAFSA at
  4. Contact our testing center at (308) 535-3618 or
  5. Contact high schools and other colleges you have attended to send us official transcripts. Proof of high school graduation is needed for financial aid.

I started at another school but didn't finish. Can I still receive credit for my completed courses?

We want to ensure you earn credit where credit is due! 
You can transfer credits back to MPCC that were earned at another institution. We will evaluate credits earned to determine if they can be applied towards completion of your degree.


How do I know if I’m prepared for this?

It can be a little intimidating to take college classes if you have not taken classes in a while. With the right motivation, a lot of our students who have been away from the classroom do really well because they have the right motivation to succeed. To find out if you are prepared academically, schedule the Compass test by calling or e-mailing (308) 535-3618 or in the North Platte area or (308) 345-8128 or in the McCook Area.

What is a hybrid course?

Hybrid is the best of both worlds. You have the opportunity to participate in a live classroom experience once a week and keep up with discussion and assignments online during the week. This gives you a live experience, but the online component allows you to complete coursework outside of class reducing the time you need to spend in a classroom.

What if I want to take one at a time?

You can enroll in one class at a time or for both classes offered at the same time. If you want to complete the program in two years and receive maximum available financial aid benefits, you will need to be enrolled in four courses a semester, which is two courses every eight weeks. You can choose to just take one class, but it will lengthen the time it takes to complete the program and the financial aid you can qualify for.

How does financial aid work?

Financial Aid is available to help pay for your classes and books. Some students receive over $5,000 in grants every school year to help them pay for their classes based on their household income. The first step to qualifying for financial aid is to call or e-mail our financial aid offices at (308) 345-8111 or or (308) 535-3705 or and begin the FAFSA at 

What if I have difficulty with the course after I get started?

The college offers a variety of services to help students succeed. Call or e-mail our student success center at (308) 535-3702 or in the North Platte area or (308) 345-8105 or  in the McCook area.

Where can I take this program?

These classes are available through distance learning. Most of the teachers for these classes will be located in North Platte or McCook, but you can take these classes with the instructor live on the distance learning program at extended campus sites in Ogallala, Broken Bow, Imperial, and Valentine.

What if I don’t test into college-level courses?

After taking the ACCUPLACER placement test, we will know what classes you are prepared to be successful. If you don’t test at a college level in math or English, you can work with our student success centers, take online quizzes, or call an advisor to schedule developmental classes to get you prepared for the college level classes in this program.