College Success

College Success Class

A three credit hour course, EDUC 1010 College Success, is offered each semester to help students adjust and function effectively in the academic community. This course also provides an opportunity for students to learn and adopt methods necessary for success in higher education. This course may transfer to a four-year college or university as an elective.

Computer Labs

McCook Community College has multiple computer classrooms and a number of computer stations available to students. The lower level of the library has computers for student use and for computer-aided instruction.

Both campuses of North Platte Community College have multiple computer classrooms and computer stations available to students in programs, classes, or for use as a lab. At the South Campus, the computer lab in the Learning Resource Center is open to students during normal hours of operation. On the North Campus, computer labs are maintained by departmental personnel and may be used during designated hours.

Foundations Education

To better serve students, MPCC offers foundations education courses designed to help students master basic skills necessary to meet minimum entry standards expected for college level courses. Students may be assigned or advised to take developmental courses according to needs determined or placement testing. Courses numbered below 1000 are graded but they do not count toward degree, diploma, or certificate completion and are not computed in grade point average.

Developmental courses available at MPCC:

Credit Hours

ENGL      0980      Language Skills               3

ENGL      0990      College Prep Writing       3

MATH     0020      Math Study Skills            2

MATH     0090      Math for Health Care      2

MATH     0100      Fund of Mathematics       3

MATH     0900      Elementary Algebra         3

READ      0920      College Prep Reading      3


Tutoring services are available on a one-to-one basis and in small groups at no cost to the student. Contact the Student Success Centers in McCook or North Platte for more information. For those students needing tutoring services while studying through the extended campuses in Broken Bow, Imperial, Ogallala, and Valentine, contact the extended campus coordinator for information. Students taking online classes off site may call the North Platte Community College Student Success Center for tutoring services information.

Learning Resources Centers - Library Services

Mid-Plains Community College provides learning resource services to on and off-campus students via libraries housed on the McCook and North Platte community college campuses. The library collections at each site contain both print and electronic resources designed to support the college’s curriculum and facilitate student and faculty research. Users can access a combined electronic catalog which details the 75,000+ books, e-books, journals, DVDs, CDs, and other items included in the library collections at North Platte and McCook.

Each library has a wireless environment with a number of desktop and laptop computers, PC’s and MACS, loaded with the latest software which enables students to complete homework and access online courses, the Internet and the numerous full-text research databases offered by the libraries. Current students, faculty and staff can access these research databases 24/7 while on campus or remotely via the online library catalog at or through student services on the MPCC home page. Each library provides writing, research and citation assistance through one-on-one or classroom instruction.

Both libraries provide magazines, newspapers and a limited selection of popular fiction titles for leisure reading. Resources that are not owned by one of the Mid-Plains libraries can be procured through interlibrary loan.

The North Platte Community College LRC is housed on the South Campus in room 146 of the McDonald-Belton building. North Platte Community College’s LRC houses special collections that contain resources specific to technical programs. The nursing department’s collection is the most comprehensive of these special collections and their materials are listed in the college’s online library catalog.