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A math degree will prepare you for a wealth of careers in a wide range of fields.  Math majors study quantities, forms, and symbolic logic in such subjects as algebra, geometry, calculus, logic, topology, and number theory. 

 As a math major, you’ll study this language and learn how to use it to describe the world. You’ll explore calculus, modern algebra, and other high-level math in the purest light. But higher level math, such as calculus, may seem mysterious, a completely unfamiliar language.

If you welcome puzzles and other intellectual challenges, gain enjoyment in finding patterns in the world, love to solve math problems to just to know the answer and enjoy studying abstract concepts, this could be the major for you. 

Suggested Sequence of Study for Mathematics 

Careers in Mathematics

  • Mathematician
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Secondary Education Teacher
  • Engineer
  • Nurse
  • Actuary
  • Statistician

About Mathematics Emphasis

At Mid-Plains Community College, you can major in fields such as elementary education, secondary mathematics education, physics, engineering, nursing, business, and other areas, as well as take many of the necessary math classes to transfer on to a four-year college or university.

Classes such as College Algebra, Modern Elementary School Math (I and II), Differential Equations, Elements of Statistics and Applied Calculus are all offered at MPCC. This program allows MPCC to offer all of the math, science and engineering classes that a student would need to transfer into an engineering program at UNL.

Mathematics Faculty

Joanna Jacobs221-6435Mathematics InstructorNPCC-South
Susanne Curl345-8103Mathematics InstructorMcCook
Michael Jonckheere345-8154Mathematics InstructorMcCook
Chad Swanson535-3653Mathematics InstructorNPCC-North
Kevin O'Connor535-3758Math/Physical Ed. InstructorNPCC-South
​​Micah Marvin
​Mathematics Instructor