NPCC Foundation History | NPCC Foundation

  • The federal government transferred title to the former Post Office/Federal Building at Fifth and Jeffers to the Junior College District on July 3, 1964.
  • North Platte Junior College first registered students for the fall term in 1965.
  • The first building on Mid-Plains Voc-Tech campus was dedicated May 16, 1971.
  • In 1972, the late Janet McDonald left a major portion of her estate to the district for the construction of an academic college building named for her family.
  • First use of the partially completed McDonald- Belton building located south of the interstate was in December 1974. The building was dedicated on February 23, 1975.


  • Renamed Mid-Plains Community College-North Platte Campuses as North Platte Community College, a Division of Mid-Plains Community College.
  • Voc-Tech Campus is identified as North Platte Community College-North Campus.
  • McDonald-Belton Campus is identified as North Platte Community College-South Campus.
  • The MPCC system works together through integrated student services, business systems, an area-wide academic/vocational division structure and collective marketing and recruitment efforts.
  • By embracing new distance learning technology, the institution is now able to span its educational opportunities over the entire 180-mile north-south 18-county service area.
  • Separate campuses at McCook and North Platte resulted in each campus operating its own foundation.
  • In 2005, an executive committee under the leadership of Dr. Michael Chipps, President of Mid-Plains Community College, took action to form the North Platte Community College Foundation.
  • The North Platte Community College Foundation Board of Directors established the mission statement, goals and focus statements and are committed to building support for North Platte Community College students and programs.
    In 2007, the Foundation Board of Directors implemented a plan targeted at NPCC graduates to locate and establish a group of alumni supporters.