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Oct 19
Accelerated Paramedic training scenarios keep students thinking ‘outside the box’


Accelerated Paramedic students at McCook Community College recently responded to simulated ATV accident staged on campus with multiple patients, but they were dispatched to a scene where only one injury was reported.

In this training scenario, students were dispatched to a rural accident and discovered a conscious but "intoxicated" individual who had rolled an ATV during the night. Scenarios are a regular part of the students' training and in this one, it took several minutes to discover a second, unreported individual, who was hidden on the back side of the ATV, wrapped around a wheel.

EMS/Paramedic Program Director Joy Molcyk (who played the role of second patient in this scenario) said in this exercise it can take students up to 20 minutes to find the second patient, and one year, the students didn't find the second patient at all. She said she continues receiving positive feedback for the way the instructors are teaching students to "think outside the box" and to not make assumptions, through exercises like this one.   

MCC's Accelerated Paramedic Program is designed to provide the required classroom training and education to develop competent Paramedics. The accelerated version of the paramedic training consolidates the didactic training into a 12-week session. Students attend class 40 contact hours per week for 12 weeks, after which, they complete clinical rotations and field internships at contracted sites across the United States.

In this fall session of the course – one of three sections held each year -- students have come from Kansas, California, Oregon, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Washington.


MPCC Marketing and Public Information Office