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International students are required to demonstrate the ability to provide financial support for themselves for the duration of their first year at MPCC.

Students must provide written notification from a bank (translated in to US dollars) of their ability to maintain themselves financially while attending MPCC. This amount is expected to be sufficient to cover tuition and fees and books for the year as well as the cost of dorm housing and meals and personal expenses (laundry, local transportation costs, etc.) for the year. It does not include the costs for travel between the student’s home country and MPCC in Nebraska, USA.

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If a student has a scholarship the total amount a student needs to show will be prorated. As the total amount varies from year to year, please contact an International Student Advisor for more specific information.

Additionally, international students are required to make a deposit of funds sufficient to cover the costs of tuition and fees, books, housing and a minimal number of meals for the first term. This deposit will be prorated if the student is receiving a scholarship. An International Student Advisor will work with you to determine the exact amount of your deposit. Payment of the deposit is expected prior to the issuing of the I-20.


For educational costs students should expect to incur expenses for tuition, fees and books each term. International students are required to maintain a full-time status, so must be enrolled in minimum of 12 credits each term although most will carry a 15 credit load. Tuition and fees vary each year so please check with an international student advisor for specific costs for the year you plan attend.

International students are required to live in the dorms for which meal plans vary by campus. If students select a minimal meal plan they will still need to provide for other meals during the week and should plan accordingly financially. There will also be the costs of personal expenses that would include such things as local transportation, laundry, toiletry products, entertainment, and dorm room supplies like sheets, blankets, cooking utensils. If one is conservative with their money then at a minimum students should plan on $3000 US each year to cover these personal expenses which is in addition to the costs of tuition, fees, books, housing and meals. Please be aware that students choosing to travel outside of North Platte during the semester breaks will incur additional expenses and should plan accordingly financially. Please contact an International Student Advisor for more specific information on current tuition, housing and meal costs.

Financial Aid

International students are not eligible for U.S. government sponsored financial aid; however, there are a limited number of scholarships for which international students may be eligible.


International students may be eligible to work on campus. MPCC has a limited number of jobs for which they may apply. International students may not be employed off campus.