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As an international student, you will need to complete a separate International Student Application form.

For the International Student Application you will need to download, print, complete and send it to us via fax, mail or as a scanned document.

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Please complete the application as soon as possible so that we can enter you in our system and begin to send you information about our programs and college.

Please note that a complete application packet will include the items listed below. An I-20 will be issued once all the materials listed below have been received by the college. The first step, however, is to complete the application.

We request that this application is returned six months prior to the anticipated enrollment date. All Supporting documentation needs to be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to the start of the term in which you first plan to enroll.

Supporting documents for Internation Application:

  1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with an absolute minimum score of 500 on a paper-based test, 173 for a computer-based test or 61 for an internet-based test or other approved test of English language ability is required. International students who provide proof of having completed 24 semester hours or equivalent of coursework at a college or community college in the US are not required to provide proof of English language proficiency for admission to MPCC. International students applying to MPCC who have graduated from a US high school which they attended for a minimum of one academic year are not required to provide proof of English language proficiency for admissions to MPCC.
  2. Original/official high school transcripts or equivalent academic record, plus English translation if necessary
  3. Original/official college transcripts (if applicable) plus English translation by an approved agency if necessary
  4. Written notification from a bank (translated into US dollars) as evidence of your ability to maintain yourself financially while attending MPCC. One calendar year of study, exclusive of all travel expenses, is required. If a student has a scholarship the amount that must be shown in the bank will be prorated. Please work with an International Student Advisor to determine the actual amount you will be required to show.
  5. If a sponsor is funding your education, an affidavit of support is required, as well as a current copy of your sponsor's bank statement verifying in U.S. dollars the specific minimum amount required for your first year of attendance at MPCC.
  6. A deposit is due with application for admission and all supporting materials to cover tuition, fees, room/board, and books for one academic semester. If you are denied a visa or decide not to attend MPCC, $100 will be withheld for processing charges and the remaining amount will be refunded. For specifics on the deposit, please contact an International Student Advisor.
  7. Written verification from an American or International Insurance company that the applicant is covered for physician's care, hospitalization, and major medical costs while in the U.S.

Refer to the To Do List we have provided for additional guidelines.