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When you major in Political Science, you may study political systems from every angle, looking into their birth, growth, and operation. You’ll discover the trends that shape our country’s identity, examine how interests and national agendas are created.

Political scientists study the way people organize their societies, whether they examine neighborhoods, nations, or the world community.  You’ll learn how and why surveys are created and then study their findings or apply statistical probability to formulate projections and conclusions. 

Political scientists study political systems from every angle, looking into their birth, growth, and operation. While most strive to discover the trends that shape our identity, their interests and jobs vary greatly. For example, some survey the public about their political opinions; others use math to analyze election results.

As a political scientist, you might work for the government, a think tank (research organization), a not-for-profit organization, a political lobby group, a university, or even a business.

The study of Political Science is an excellent path to a fascinating career but if you major in the Political Science, you should expect that the completion of a bachelor’s degree will be required and additional graduate education should be considered. 

Careers in Political Science

  • Political Scientist
  • Economist
  • Politician
  • Political Commentator
  • Activist, Advocate/Organizer
  • Budget Examiner or Analyst
  • Campaign Staff
  • CIA Analyst or Agent
  • City Planner
  • Communications Director
  • Corporate Executive
  • Foreign Service Officer

About Political Science Emphasis

Students studying political science may transfer their courses for a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree at a four-year university.

Political science examines how authority is derived and implemented within government and the private sector.  Students with a bachelor’s degree in political science primarily occupy positions within the legal profession, government, or teaching.