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History | Academic Transfer

Artifacts, antiques, and ancient documents are just a few of the things history students will study at Mid-Plains Community College. 

They will read the works of published historians, examine the history that occurred within a selected time, location or event and see how bygone days often hold the key to the future. 

Mastering history allows students to become well-rounded individuals with a better understanding of cultures and trends. 

Those who are curious and organized and who enjoy reading, writing and research, typically do well as a history major

Careers in History

  • Historians as Educators
  • Elementary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Postsecondary Education
  • Historic Sites and Museums
  • Historians as Researchers
  • Museums and Historical Organizations
  • Cultural Resources Management and Historic Preservation
  • Think Tanks
  • Historians as Communicators
  • Writers and Editors
  • Journalists
  • Documentary Editors
  • Producers of Multimedia Material
  • Historians as Information Managers
  • Archivists
  • Records Managers
  • Librarians
  • Information Managers
  • Historians as Advocates
  • Lawyers and Paralegals
  • Litigation Support
  • Legislative Staff Work
  • Foundations

About History Emphasis

History is an investigation into the affairs of mankind in time and place.  MPCC offers a variety of courses and approaches within the discipline of history covering every time period and including cultures from throughout the globe.  As a result of historical study, students will become familiar with intellectual, social, political and economic perspectives from the past in order to more fully comprehend the present.