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English majors read, discuss, and write about the literature and culture of English-speaking people. They also learn about the history, structure, and use of the English language.

English majors at Mid-Plains Community College will typically transfer their associate's degree and successfully completed course credits into a bachelor’s degree offered at a four-year college or university. 

If you love to read, then majoring in English might be for you. However, there’s a lot more to majoring in English than just reading novels, short stories, plays and poetry by English-speaking writers. You should also have strong writing and speaking skills. You should be creative and comfortable working independently.

One of the great things about majoring in English is that you can bring your personal interests into your studies. For instance, you can focus on the literature of a certain time period, location or author.

If you are one who loves to read different types of texts and who might enjoy analyzing its content, then a major in English may be for you! 

Careers in English

  • Elementary and secondary education teacher
  • Writer
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Public relations specialist
  • Interpreter
  • Public speaker

About English Emphasis

English composition courses provide students with the written skills needed to achieve professional and personal effectiveness, as well as those skills needed in advanced studies requiring written expression. Literature courses provide students with opportunities for exploring various genres and cultures. Critical analysis and response is an important competence, and courses within this area meet both general education and academic transfer criteria.