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Come visit us at Mid-Plains Community College

Schedule your visit today and receive a hoodie when you come to campus.

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you!

Don't worry, we value your privacy and will never share your info with a third party.

Also, you could receive a scholarship on the spot!

Based on your GPA, MPCC can offer you a scholarship upon arriving at our campus.
Please check the chart below.

​H.S. GPA** ACT** Award per year*
​3.7+ 24+​ ​Full Tuition
3.5​ ​23 $1,500​
3.25​ 22​ ​$1,000
3.0​ ​21 ​$750
​2.5 20​ ​$500
Annual Tuition: $2,520
*Scholarships only pay for tuition. The student is responsible for fees ($15 per credit hour)
**Scholarship amounts based on GPA or ACT score, whichever is higher.