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We hope you are looking forward to the residence hall becoming your home away from home. You will find living on campus at Mid Plains Community College to be one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of your collegiate experience.

Take a look at our site to see how Residential Life functions for students at MPCC.

MPCC Housing Opportunities and YOU!

  • Educational programs - right in your residence hall.
  • Intentional learning programs - to learn more about yourself and others.
  • Social and cultural activities - to make friends and expand your horizons.
  • High-speed internet access - right from your room.
  • Convenient access to the resources on campus - just a short walk to the library, Student Union, gym & fitness workout rooms, and your classroom buildings.
  • A sense of community - with your hall mates and friends across campus.

A residence hall is more than just a place to sleep. In fact, the essence of living in a residence hall really has nothing to do with the building, and everything to do with relationships. A residence hall is meeting new friends and broadening horizons. It is experiencing living with people from different countries and backgrounds. It is learning how to live in a community with others. Ultimately, it is learning how to really care about those with whom you live.

How to Apply for Housing

On-campus housing costs are set by the MPCC Board of Governors each spring. Housing is limited and will be assigned to students based on the following priorities:

  • The date MPCC receives the housing application
  • Must be a currently enrolled student
  • Student must be enrolled for 9 semester hours

Following acceptance to MPCC you will receive information to allow you to log-in to Campus Web and the On-line Housing Application. Those interested in living on-campus at Mid-Plains Community College on either the McCook or North Platte campuses must submit an Online Housing Application and $200 damage deposit. The online contract will be available after April 1st. If you have questions please contact the Office of Student Life at 308-345-8108.

Housing Cost Sheet