Gainful Employment Placement Rate Methodology

Placement rates for Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC) graduates can be calculated from our Graduate Exit Survey, which is offered to students at the time of their program completion.  Completion of the survey is completely voluntary and recent response rates are around 50%. Students who fill out the survey answer questions regarding their employment at the time of graduation. At this time some students have already found jobs in their field of study or have been working in their field of study as they complete their programs.  Others have not had time to find a job in their field of study and are working in some other field at the time of completion of their program, therefore, placement rates calculated using the Graduate Exit Survey do not give a full picture of the employability of our students in their chosen field.

A second-way placement rates can be calculated, and more representative than the Graduate Exit Survey data, is Nebraska Department of Labor (NDOL) graduate data. MPCC has entered into a data agreement with the NDOL, which, through use of the state system of unemployment wage insurance data submissions by employers, we are able to see how many of our graduates are working in Nebraska in their chosen field the second quarter after graduation and the fourth quarter after graduation. This data is available from NDOL annually. This gives a more accurate picture of our graduate’s employment rates in their field of study, and the salary they might be making; although, salary data is not disaggregated based on hours worked, so the average salary calculated may not completely reflect a given position’s normal wage.

Gainful Employment Information