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Ogallala's Campus provides:

  • a gateway to a degree.
  • on-site courses transferable to post-secondary schools.
  • on-line and distance learning courses the main campuses.
  • customized training for business.
  • adult short courses covering a wide variety of interests.
  • training in general and specialized computer skills.
  • Compass, CLEP, & GED testing, and ABE.
  • high school release and dual credit programs.

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Principles of Accounting I, 8-8:50 am MWF
Principles of Accounting II, 10-10:50 am MWF OR 
8:30-9:45 am TR
Introductory Cost Accounting, 10-11:15 am MW


Animal Agriculture, 6-9 pm W


Human Anatomy Physiology II w/lab, 5-10 pm W


Introduction to Business, 6-9 pm T
Personal Finance/Business Operations, 3-4:15 pm MW
Intro to Leadership Concepts, 12-1:30 pm Th
Business Communications, 7-7:50 am MWF
Business English, 5:30-8:30 pm T
Records Management, 7-8:15 am TTh
Business Math and Calculators, 1:30-3:30 pm W
Integrated Information Processing, 12-1:15 pm TTh


Survey of Chemistry I, 8-8:50 am MWF (Lab 1:30-3:30 Th NP)
Survey of Chemistry II, 7-7:50 am MWF, (Lab 9-11 am Th CT, NP)
General Chemistry II, 5-8 pm M (Lab 6-8 pm CT W in NP)


Beginning Computer I, 9 am – 12 pm T, 2-20/3/6
Beginning Computer II, 9 am – 12 pm T, 3-13/327
Quickbooks, 6-9 pm TTh, 3-22/4-5
Excel Basic, 6-9 pm T, 4-12/4-26
Publisher, 6-9 pm Th, 3-1/3-15


Early Language Literacy, 8-8:50 am, MWF, Esch
Educational Psychology, 4-7 pm S, Pavlik
Children’s Literature, 5:30-8:30 pm T


American Heart BLS Provider (CPR), 9 am-6 pm, Sat. 2-24
Emergency Medical Tech II, 6-10 pm Th


College Prep Reading, 7-8:15 am TTh
English Composition II, 6-9 pm W
Basic Technical Communications, 5-8 pm Th
Creative Writing, 9-9:30 am MWTh
Introduction to Literature, 12-3 pm S, 3-11/5-10


Child Development, 9-9:50 am MWF
Clothing and Human Behavior, 12-1:30 pm W
Family and Comm Relationships, 12-1:15 pm TTh


American History II since 1877, 4-7 pm S, 3-11/5-10


Intro to Information Technology, 8:30-9:45 am MW
PC Trouble/shooting repair, 4-7 pm W
Customer Support/Help Desk, 12- 1:15 pm MW
Network Administration I, 8-11 am Th
Web Design II, 12-3 pm Th
Operating Systems II, 9 am-12 pm T
Administering Directory Services, 1:30-2:45 pm MW
Internship, 3-4:50 M


Math for Health Occupations, 1:30-3:30 pm MW, 1-15/3-7
Fundamentals of Math, 8-8:50 am MWF
Elementary Algebra, 4-7 pm S
Intermediate Algebra, 5-6:30 pm W
College Algebra, 6-9 pm T
College Algebra, 8-8:50 am MWTh
College Algebra, 3:30-4:45 pm T, Th


Nursing Assistant, NURA 1100 OG 01, 7:30 am-12:30 pm Th, Dethlefs
Nursing Con II: Family Health, NURS 1200 NP D1, 7:30-9:30 am M
Nursing Con III: Mental Health
NURS 1201 NP D1, 11 am – 1pm W
American Government, 5-8 pm W
Introduction to Psychology, 4-7 pm S, 1-14/3-9
Introduction to Psychology, 6-9 pm M
Issues of Unity and Diversity, 12-3 pm S, 1-14/3-9
Marriage, Family Relationships, 5:30-8:30 pm Th
Fund of Human Communication, 6-9 pm T
Public Speaking, 8-8:50 MWTh
Public Speaking, 8-11 am F

ACCUPLACER® -Assessment Testing

The ACCUPLACER test assesses students’ skill levels in writing, reading, and mathematics. The results of the assessment, in conjunction with a student’s program of study, are used by academic advisors to determine course selection and placement.

More Information about ACCUPLACER®

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Ogallala, NE.  69153
(308) 284-9830

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The Ogallala  Campus serves Keith, Perkins, and Arthur counties. Classes are held in our new OEC facility, which houses 5 class rooms and a shop area.  When necessary, some classes may be held in other locations.