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Logistics and Supply Chain Management affects every industry in the global and local economy. Jobs for Supply Chain Management existing in distribution, delivery, and handling of physical or non-physical resources, and those industries have a need for skilled individuals able to fulfill logistical duties.

Jobs for Supply Chain Management and the demand for well-trained logistics managers have increased over the past few years. Logistic and Supply Chain Management professionals must possess strong interpersonal and analytical skills as they will have to deal with groups and individuals on a day to day business operation.


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​​If you enjoy analytical and critical thinking and working with people, then an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Logistics and Material Management may be for you.

The Mid-Plains Community College Associate of Applied Science in Business with an emphasis in Logistics/Materials Management option is designed to prepare you to manage and coordinate all logistical functions in an enterprise. Logistics includes instruction in acquisitions and purchasing, inventory control, storage and handling, just-in-time manufacturing, logistics planning, shipping and delivery management, transportation, quality control, resource estimation and allocation, and budgeting. Graduates will have the required foundation in procurement and logistics to manage the flow of materials through the supply chain in a local, regional, or global marketplace. The Supply Chain Management Degree also provides the necessary fundamentals in business concepts and interpersonal skills to succeed in the job market, including critical thinking and analysis, leadership, effective listening, team membership, and communication skills.

Our outstanding faculty members will provide you with comprehensive education and training in logistics and supply chain management that will prepare you to be part of the workforce that keeps the global economy moving. During the final semester, students will experience practical on-the-job training (OJT) to practice, reinforce, and review program competencies. Graduates will have the required foundation in logistics and materials management in the local, regional or global marketplace. All required courses of the Logistics Degree must be completed, including a minimum of 12 semester hours of general education courses.

Supply Chain Management Program Objectives:

  • Perform tasks related to entry level employment in a Supply Chain Management setting.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of Supply Chain Management and Logistics that contribute to effective job performance.
  • Use effective communication skills appropriate to Supply Chain Management field.
  • Apply the theory of technical specialization to entry level employment in a business setting.
  • Use mathematical data and reasoning skills in relation to entry level employment in a Logistics and Supply Chain Management setting.

Logistics Certificate

A Logistics Certificate always helps you to be more attractive in the job market. You can attain a Logistics Certificate through Mid-Plains Community College by taking the required courses. Please contact us for a list of the classes.

Jobs For Supply Chain Management

The Associate Degree in Logistics and Materials Management is designed to prepare the graduate to provide excellent logistical skills for employment in local or global businesses. Entry-level salaries depend on the geographic location and other factors. Employment opportunities in the field of logistics and supply chain management exist in retailing, management, accounting, marketing, sales, and computer information management.