Graphic Design and Visual Communication

The purpose of the Graphic Design/Visual Communications Program is to prepare students for the job market after graduation in two years with an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Courses are taught in both Windows and Mac environments to give students a cross-platform experience so they are comfortable working with either one. Graphic design courses will include experience with software for print media and multimedia applications, such as video, DVD, and the Web.



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 What's New in Graphic Design

A major focus of the program design is to incorporate graphic design skills with computer technology and business skills. Technology has created new opportunities for graphic designers to start their own businesses in areas where it previously would have been difficult to do so. The blending of information from these three departments will help give students a well-rounded background if they choose to go into business for themselves.

Another important focus of the program is to encourage students to take responsibility for their own learning. Technology and software programs change at an ever-increasing speed. Individuals who choose graphic design as a career need to develop a desire and attitude for lifelong learning to remain up-to-date in technology as well as with the ever-changing design trends.

Program Objectives

  • Perform tasks related to entry-level employment in the graphic design industry
  • Demonstrate skill in visual problem solving
  • Use effective communication skills necessary for a career in graphic design
  • Determine and use appropriate software for given visual problem-solving situations
  • Apply business fundamentals learned to employment in a graphic design setting
  • Develop a print and digital portfolio to be used in finding entry-level employment in graphic design

Employment Opportunities

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Graphic Design/Visual Communications is intended for students seeking employment immediately following graduation. Career opportunities exist for print, multimedia and web design in advertising and design agencies as well as in-house positions with retailers, manufacturers, and organizations. Graduates may seek employment with companies that have already been established or they may take advantage of opportunities provided by advances in technology to operate their own business.