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Our Associate of Applied Science degree is designed to prepare students for the workplace. In these programs, students explore focused studies in the areas of Business, Business Technology, and Information Technology.

Students in these programs concentrate on core business courses that are designed to provide them with the skills necessary to enter the job market.



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   Degree Details

Students in the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science programs are planning to transfer to a 4-year institution and complete a Bachelor's Degree. At MPCC, we can provide students with the general education requirements necessary for a 4-year program. Some of the courses include Accounting I and II, Business Communications, Introduction to Business, as well as many others. Students in these programs complete a strong foundation of business classes that prepare them for coursework at the university level. Many statistics indicate that community college transfer students earn higher GPA's and graduation rates than students who begin at the 4-year school.

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The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business offers three areas of emphasis: accounting, business administration, and computer information management. This two-year degree provides necessary business and interpersonal skills to succeed in the job market, including leadership, listening, team membership, and communication skills. During the final semester, students will experience practical on-the-job training to practice, reinforce, and review program competencies. All required courses of the program must be completed, including a minimum of 12 semester hours of general education courses.

 Business Office Technology (Formally Office Technology)

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Business Technology offers three areas of emphasis: Administrative Assistant, Legal, and Medical. The two-year degree provides necessary business and office technology and interpersonal skills to succeed in the job market. The degree is designed to prepare students through a program of study to demonstrate entry-level skills for a career as an administrative assistant, medical office assistant, or a legal office assistant. Depending on background and career objectives, developmental skills and other preparatory course work may be required in addition to the 60-66 credit hours listed below. A Business Technology diploma and certificates for Medical Transcriptionist or Legal Office Technology are also available to meet the needs of employees in the health care and legal communities.

Information Technology

The Information Technology Program provides sufficient education and training to enable graduates to procure entry-level positions in the information technology field and provides adequate applied instruction to meet the training and retraining needs of employers.

Information Technology (IT) is a broad and expanding field of applied science encompassing parts of many disciplines that relate to information processing and management. The IT program is designed to provide graduates with the necessary skills to function in today's business world with particular emphasis on the centrality of information and its processing, distribution, and presentation. IT graduates will obtain competencies in areas such as personal computer (PC) support services, computer programming, network technology or web design. Graduates will have completed a core of courses including interpersonal skills, written and oral communications, and actual hands-on experience. Students will complete a core of courses to ensure they possess the base knowledge necessary in the field. Specialization areas will allow students to pursue a more focused aspect of the IT program. The emphasis/specialization areas are PC Support, Computer Programming, Web Design, and Network Technology.

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Jean Condon, Area Division Chairperson

  • Business (A.A.S. Accounting emphasis, Business Administration emphasis,Computer Information Management emphasis, Marketing emphasis)
  • Graphic Design (A.A.S. Graphic Design)
  • Information Technology (A.A.S. Information Technology in PC Support/Network Technology emphasis; Computer Programming emphasis, Web Design Emphasis)
  • Business Technology (formerly A.A.S. Office Technology Administrative Assistant emphasis, Legal emphasis, Medical emphasis)

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