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North Platte Community College was officially designated as an Accredited Training and Education Facility for the National Center for Construction Education.

North Platte Community College was officially designated as an Accredited Training and Education Facility for the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) during Thursday morning ceremonies held at the college.

""The NCCER establishes the benchmark for quality training,"" Marilyn McGahan, North Platte Community College Vice President, told the crowd. ""Working in partnership with industry and academia, they have developed a system for program accreditation that is similar to those found in institutions of higher learning.""

Dr. Michael Chipps, President of Mid-Plains Community College, agreed.

""Measuring our teaching effectiveness though standardized achievement tests based upon industry skill standards not only tells us that our instructors are doing their jobs, it tells the world that our graduates can compete for high paying jobs anywhere in the country or in the world,"" he said.

In order to become a NCCER certified training facility, the college needed to meet certain criteria, the first of which was acquiring sponsorship by an NCCER member. After meeting with several representatives from NPCC and touring the building construction facilities, The Industrial Company (TIC) in Steamboat Springs, Colo., agreed to sponsor the college.

Rob MacCarthy, TIC Corporate Craft Training Manager, and Dan Sterry, TIC Rocky Mountain Regional Training Manager, were at the college Thursday to present the NCCER certificate.

""This is a win-win situation for TIC and the college,"" MacCarthy said. ""I'm proud to be a part of it.""

The next step for the college was to send instructors in the HVAC, electrical, building construction, and welding/machine shop technology departments to TIC so they could become NCCER Certified Instructors. Those who attended the training included Ivan ""Ike"" Nickerson, Electrical Instructor; Rex Kemp, HVAC Instructor; Tim Golden, Welding Instructor; Jack Daniels, Building Construction Instructor; and Kent Beel, MPCC Area Applied Technologies Division Chair.

Once the training was finished, the instructors then came back to the college and merged the NCCER curriculum with their existing curriculum.

""What I did in the Electrical Technology Program was to take the textbook I use and combine it with the NCCER materials,"" Nickerson said. ""I still plan to make a few changes, but it worked great for the most part.""

To earn their NCCER portable credentials, students in the building trades departments at the college will take both written and performance tests to assess their skill levels. When the test results are in, the report will be sent to TIC and then forwarded to NCCER where they are recorded in the National Registry.

Participating students will then be issued a wallet card from NCCER that shows the skills they are proficient in. This card can be presented to potential employers so the employer can access the student's transcript online to verify mastery of these skills.

The National Registry also gives students more flexibility in their career path planning and ensures that their training accomplishments will be recognized wherever they go, regardless of where the training may have geographically occurred.

""This is just a great way for these students to go out, get a job, and make some good money,"" said Nickerson. ""Whether they want to work locally or if they want to get a job outside of the area, the portable credentials they receive through the NCCER will be an outstanding benefit for them.""

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