Welding Technology

Welding Technology is a program that leads to a diploma or Associate of Applied Science Degree for employment opportunities in the welding/machine shop field. 

Students may enter at different stages of readiness and progress according to his/her abilities and efforts. Students will be assessed and evaluated as they complete each measurable performance objective. Upon completion of a set of prescribed technical competencies, students will be able to perform skills necessary to be successfully employed at the entry-level or above with a selected occupation.

WELD 1005 Safety is a prerequisite for all Welding Technology classes except night classes.



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Scholarship Opportunities

Graduate with little to no college debt, with the assistance of these program-based scholarships*

Applied Technologies Student

NPCC Foundation Dorothy Yont Scholarship

NPCC Foundation Sorenson Technical Scholarship 

NPCC Foundation Technical Faculty Scholarship

NPCC Foundation John & Mary Hunter Technical Scholarship 

Technical Student Preferably In Trade and Industrial Field 

NPCC Foundation Trew-Shoemaker Scholarship Fund

Full-Time Building Construction Student from Lincoln County

B. L. Slim Hebblewaite

Other scholarships are available. Ask your enrollment counselor for details.

* Scholarship awards vary from $500-$2,000 per year