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Mid-Plains Business and Community Education offers a broad range of support services for businesses, local agencies, and community groups.

Customized business training is tailored to your business needs. We review the skill roles in your workplace and identify industry-standard certification and training to fine tune your employees and staff members.

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How it works

Our programs and services are as diverse and enterprising as the people and businesses we serve - from customized business training and consulting to industry-specific testing and certification, job profiling, and more.

Step 1 - We work with you to gain the insights and information necessary to more fully understand your situation and identify your unique business needs and opportunities.

Step 2 - Once your business needs and opportunities have been identified, we work with you to develop a solutions-based plan to address your needs and help you capitalize on your opportunities.

Step 3 - With your input and authorization, we adjust where necessary and implement your plan with the programs and resources necessary for a successful outcome.

Step 4 - To further ensure your program's success and complete the process, we evaluate the results and provide you with a project report that's appropriate to your plan and objectives.

Whatever your training or professional development needs may be, the Mid-Plains Business and Community Education has the right experience and resources to help you and your business become more efficient, more productive and more successful.

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