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​Institutional Research and Planning | About MPCC

The Mid-Plains Community College (MPCC) Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) serves in a supportive role for MPCC’s seven locations. Under the leadership of Tad Pfeifer, M.S., the team examines a wide range of data in order to translate it into information that stakeholders can use.

OIRP facts, figures, and reports cover a multitude of areas including admissions, financial aid, curriculum, enrollment management, staffing, student life, finance, facilities, athletics, and alumni relations.

If you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions for our site you may contact the Office of Institutional Research and Planning at the address below.


Tad Pfeifer
Area Director of Institutional Research, Planning & Grants
(308) 535-3684
Cindy Odean
Area Research Analyst
(308) 535-3685

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning is to provide accurate, timely, and relevant information and data analysis to internal and external constituents in order to promote quality educational opportunities for lifelong student learning.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes are the measures the institution uses as indicators of the effectiveness of the teaching and other institutional efforts toward student success at MPCC. Reports that contain outcome performance currently include the annual Completer Report, Assessment Bulletin, and Students’ Assessment of Instruction summaries.

Completer Report

These reports summarize the results from a surveys completed by graduates of Mid-Plains Community College and the graduates’ employers.

2014-15 Graduates at Work Report
Completer Report 2012-13
Completer Report 2013-14

MPCC Assessment

Assessment Leadership Team
The 2013-2014 Assessment Report
The 2014-2015 MPCC Instructional Assessment Report
The 2014-2015 MPCC Student Experience
The 2014-2015 Non-Instructional Assessment Report
The 2014-2015 Student Affairs Assessment Report

Assessment Bulletins

Fall 2013 MPCC Assessment Bulletin
Fall 2014 MPCC Assessment Bulletin
Spring 2014 MPCC Assessment Bulletin

Sample Assessment Matrices

Sample Assessment for Business
Sample Assessment for Diesel

Students’ Assessment of Instruction Summaries

These reports summarize college-wide student ratings of instruction by term. They include both on campus and online results.

2012-2013 Fall Course Evaluation Summary
2012-2013 Spring Course Evaluation Summary
2013-2014 Fall Course Evaluation Summary
2013-2014 Spring Course Evaluation Summary

College Reports

Mid-Plains Community College Annual Report 2014-2015:

The information found in this report outlines the financial, instructional and physical condition of Mid-Plains Community College for 2014-2015.

Facts 2015:

This is a pamphlet that is updated yearly with financial statements, enrollment numbers and a variety of facts about the college.

Leading For Tomorrow 2015-2018:

This document reflects a new form of accreditation and is founded on the principles of continuous quality improvement and has been adopted by the Board of Governors to ensure that the College is sustaining a course of educational excellence.

Other Reports

Learning Resource Center Annual Report 2012-2013

Strategic Planning Process

Leading For Tomorrow 2015-2018
Shaping Our Future 2004-2006
Shaping Our Future 2006-2009
Shaping Our Future 2009-2012
Shaping Our Future 2012-2015

Annual Reports

MPCC Annual Report 2003-2004
MPCC Annual Report 2004-2005
MPCC Annual Report 2005-2006
MPCC Annual Report 2006-2007
MPCC Annual Report 2009-2010
MPCC Annual Report 2010-2011
MPCC Annual Report 2011-2012
MPCC Annual Report 2012-2013
MPCC Annual Report 2014-2015
MPCC Annual Report 2015-2016

Trends & Statistics

The Trends and Statistics fact book provides essential data elements for making better decisions. The data pertains to such areas as demographics, education, economics, workforce, placement and technology. The goal of the fact book is to provide information which leads the college to examine internal and external environments, to provide information that drives strategic directions and institutional goals, and for the college to better align with institutional planning and decision-making. Sections of the fact book will be updated on the web throughout the year.

Section 01 - Area Population and Nebraska K-12 Education
Section 02 - Student Enrollment Data
Section 03 - Student Characteristics
Section 04 - Academics
Section 05 - Student Services
Section 06 - Student Success - NEW
Section 07 - Human Resources
Section 09 - Center for Enterprise
Section 10 - Institutional Advancement (Foundations and Grants)
Section 11 - Finances