Employee Benefits

Mid-Plains Community College offers a comprehensive benefits package to all full-time employees.

These benefits include the following:

Health Insurance

Provided by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. College pays 100% of premium.

Dental Insurance

Provided by Blue Cross/Blue Shield. College pays 100% of Single Premium, plans to include your family are available at the following costs :Employee and Spouse - $52.43/mo.; Employee and Child(ren) - $40.51/mo.; Employee and Family - $86.76/mo. The amount is subject to change in September of each year (August payroll).

125 Plan

Medical and Dependent Care Expense Spending Accounts.

Group Life and Disability Insurance

100% paid through college. Group Life - Administration and Faculty receive $50,000.00, Classified Staff receive $50,000.00. Each eligible dependent or spouse receive $1,000.00.


Retirement program. Mandatory for all Faculty/Administrative personnel after age 25 and all Classified Staff after age 30. Employee may choose 4%- 9%* of gross monthly salary to set aside, pre-tax, and the college matches the chosen amount. Employee may disburse the funds throughout the available TIAA/CREF accounts as he/she so chooses. *Administrators and Faculty may choose up to 9%, minimum contribution of 4.5% required.

Tuition Waiver - Employees, spouses and/or dependent children may take credit courses through MPCC, and the college will pay all applicable tuition. Employee/spouse/dependent child must pay all dollars associated with books and fees.

Tuition Reimbursement

Employees are eligible to apply for Tuition Reimbursement for college courses taken for an advanced degree at other accredited institutions provided the course/degree is required for their particular instructional field, and that funds are earmarked and approved in advance by the Area. Reimbursement is based upon per credit graduate tuition fee of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Sick Leave

All new full-time employees will receive 12 days per year, unused sick leave days can be accumulated from year to year to a maximum of sixty (60) days.

Personal Leave

MPVEA & MPEA Faculty will receive five (5) days on a non-accrual basis. Administration will receive one (1) day per fiscal year on a non-accrual basis. Classified Staff will receive five (5) days per fiscal year on a non-accrual basis. Notice in writing should be submitted a minimum of two (2) days in advance whenever possible.


Administrative (non-instructional) personnel on a 12-month contract may earn up to 24 days per fiscal year. This is based on two (2) days earned for every full month of employment. No more than 48 days may be accrued. Classified Staff will receive ten (10) days of vacation after one (1) fiscal year of employment. Employees hired in the middle of the year will receive an accrued number of days based from the month of hire through June. Maximum of two (2) times the annual amount may be accrued.

Vision Insurance

Available to all full-time and select part-time employees. Premiums are paid by pre-tax payroll deduction. We offer a Standard Plan at the following rates: Employee Only - $8.35/mo; Employee and Spouse - $13.37/mo; Employee and Children - $13.64/mo; Employee and Family - $22.00/mo.  We also offer a Premium Plan at the following rates: Employee Only - $11.49/mo; Employee and Spouse - $18.37/mo; Employee and Children - $18.75/mo; Employee and Family - $30.24/mo. 

Voluntary Term Life Insurance

Additional term life insurance is available for employees, spouses and dependent via post-tax payroll deduction. Rates and coverage amounts vary per covered individual.

Guaranteed insurability for employees up to 5 times your annual salary up to $500,000.

Information regarding Bereavement, Professional, Military, Jury Duty and Other Leave is available through Human Resources.